Craftivism: Knitting For Good?

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Craftivism Craftivism is the power of getting a significant message across regarding different issues like, environmental, social or political causes. Craftivism is practiced in a peaceful manner through activities such as crocheting hats for chemotherapy patients and the less fortune. Craftivism can be displayed in places such as parks, railings or anywhere a cable tie can be attached. The thought process behind these issues involved is important as it requests the use of one’s time and also ones very own hands. Craftivism, the term itself was established by Betsy Greer in 2003 (REFERENCE In LIST); who sometimes can be referred to as the godmother of Craftivism. Betsy got the idea after watching the Greenwhich Village Halloween parade. It was at the parade; Greer was intrigued at political figures being portrayed as giant puppets. This created a very obvious disagreement with the government and its views but in a manner that was peaceful and dignified. Greer thought about her own view on political and social issues however, she did not feel comfortable signing petitions, handing out leaflets or marching. This inspired the first book that Greer wrote called “Knitting For Good”, in November 2008. The book depicts a guide on Craftivism, the role it can play in your life and the people in your community and also those in the world that you can help. Greer also wrote another book, Craftivism:The Art of crafts and activism. *(REFERENCE THIS BOOK BOO)* This time,
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