Craig Rucher Case Study

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Title: Craig Raucher and the Staten Island Basketball League Celebrate their 35th Anniversary Summary: Local Staten Island Pick-up Basketball League has been going strong since 1980. Location: Staten Island, NY Setting the record for the longest running basketball league in a single location, Craig Raucher 's Staten Island Basketball League just celebrated a major milestone. In the state of New York, there is no other current or former league in existence that has remained active weekly in the same place that it originally started. The Staten Island Basketball League plays twice a week, every week. Pick-up games are always scheduled for Wednesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 8am. Each session lasts for three hours. During that time, a single…show more content…
Corporations are not the only organizations that can use good enterprise software, schools, universities, government agencies, and charities have found this management platform equally effective. The primary item that all types of enterprise software will have in common is that each is built to suit the needs of the corporation or organization, and each includes a set of software functions that improves the productivity of the business. In general, Craig Raucher has learned that enterprise software is classified by its business use. For example, accounting software, supply chain management software, and business intelligence software are all considered to be a part of the enterprise software umbrella. Others may include business process management, customer relationship management programs, content management systems, and master data management systems. When a specific business or organization seeks to implement an enterprise software into their daily operations, it is necessary to have persons on staff who are capable of programming and maintaining that software. This is not a one time position, but the addition of a new employment role for the company. As the organization grows or changes with the environment and the economy, the parameters of the software will need to change as well. Therefore, someone who can manage this style of software should always be

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