Craig Sheffer's Tragic Hero

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1) Paul is the hero in this film. According to Aristotle 's characteristics define Paul as the hero. He is fun loving very smart, and has a great ability to fly fish. However he possesses a flaw that results in his own downfall. 2) Pauls tragic flaw is his sever drinking problem and gambling problem 3)Pauls reversal of fortune occurs when he falls behind on a big poker game. He then owes a bunch of money he doesn 't have. He then goes to jail because he decides to fight a man what is picking on his girlfriend. This is the beginning of his downfall. 4) The audience can identify with Paul because he is like regular people. He is fun loving and adventurous. Pity for Paul is gained by the audience when he makes human mistakes. Many…show more content…
Brad Pitt does a very good job at acting rough around the edges and portraying a perfect good looking dare devil, this makes the audience like his character. Craig Sheffer does a very good job at being the poster child, very smart with good morals, he also has his life together. Both main characters are perfectly represented. 9) The aspect of the film that could be seen to fulfill the purpose of the chorus in an actual greek tragedy is how Norman is narrating the film. Its told from his perspective and from time to time only his voice is telling whats going on, This would make sense since he is speaking to the other actors as well. 10) I do believe this film can be considered a tragedy. The tragic hero, Paul, has a great gift for fly fishing and is very at peace with himself. His human flaw then presents itself, making it hard for Paul to keep his like together. He then gets in too deep, owing people money, and there is no way out. Choosing to drink heavily and gamble he arouses fear in the audience. The choices he makes eventually results in his own death. 11) I was a little lenient on deeming this film a tragedy, due to the fact that Paul does not really see that he is in a bad place. He does not understand that he brought this upon himself. Other than that it fits pretty
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