Craig's Tentacles And The Shift

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I have now completed the whole novel of, It 's Kind of a Funny Story. This book was eye-opening and it put my perspective on life in a different lighting. My prediction was that by the end of the novel Craig would be able to push through his over-whelming way of thinking, and he would be able to manage his depression. For the most part, my prediction was quite accurate. Not only did the book end on such a positive note, but he also got the girl! Noelle, one of the only female adolescents in Six North, was a huge factor in putting Craig back into the right mind set. She helped him see what he liked about himself and showed him how to bring out the good in him. To add, my prediction from my previous blog was that Bobby would be a big influence…show more content…
In my opinion, three of the most important symbols shown in this book is: Craig 's Tentacles, his Anchors, and The Shift. With out these three things, the book would not have value. In my previous blog post, I touched on this subject a lot. The tentacles show the things in Craig 's life that negatively influence him. The anchors are the good things in Craig 's life that he tries to hold on to. The Shift is an epiphany Craig has when he feels that he is no longer depressed and he feels happy again. I am specifically mentioning these three symbols because I found them easiest to relate to them the most. I relate to Craig 's Tentacles because similar to him, school can feel very stressful for me. The difficult tasks in my life can start to consume my happiness and my time. I picked Anchors as another important symbol because there is things I do, that do not have too much productivity to them, but they make me happy. An example of this is my artwork that I like spending my free time on. Thirdly, I chose The Shift as a vital symbol that I can connect with for the reason that I feel like I will have a shift in the future. It may not be big or last for long, but it motivates me to try harder and do

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