Crane Brinton: The Cause Of The French Revolution

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The French Revolution was bound to happen. With the oppression of the lower class, a broke government and nobility questioning the government it was only a matter of time before the people fought back. Crane Brinton in The Anatomy of Revolution says that oppression and a broke government are just some of the reasons that the revolutions happen. Brinton argues that every revolution especially in the western hemisphere follows a pattern. He believes that the French revolution is clear example of that pattern. Other historians on the French revolution have a different view on what may have caused the French revolution. George Lefebvre is one of those historians, he believes aristocracy revolting is what started the revolution. Looking more in depth at both of their arguments the reader will see how each writer argues their side based on what they feel is important. …show more content…

What is agreed on is that the French revolution took place in 1789. Crane Brinton’s main argument about the revolution is that it follows a set pattern. He looks at different revolutions for a set or preliminary signs of the revolution (Brinton Pg. 2). Those revolutions included are the Russian, American, England and French revolution (Brinton Pg.2). These revolutions all have similar characteristics that connect them together. Some of the characteristics included the nobility questioning the government: fighting among the classes and oppression (Brinton). For the purpose of this paper we are only going to be looking at causes of the French revolution. One of the characteristics that a revolution is going to happen is that the country has a growing economy, but a broke

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