Crane Drive: A Short Story

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Merely an hour later, Alex appeared in front of 49862 Crane Drive fully armed with various torture tools and weapons. For her twisted humor, she decided to put a touch of irony into her lethal finishing blow. Silently, she entered the house who, in believing it was a safe neighborhood, Lucy neglected to lock the front door of. Alex scoffed, almost disappointed this wouldn’t be too difficult. She carried on to the master bedroom where her mother(if she were even entitled to that name after leaving her with Hank) slept peacefully, blissfully unaware of what would soon happen to her new family. Nostalgia taking her out of the moment, she stood, feeling vulnerable as she had the night she witnessed her mother get tossed around like a rag doll. A jolt of self contempt passed through her as she realized if she killed her slowly like she intended to, she would be following in the footsteps of her father. She sat in the moonlit room listening to the chorus of breaths fill the room. She had to decide her new plan, and fast enough to avoid the police. Almost half an hour went by and by now her mind was shattered. Not thinking about blood, noise, or leaving evidence behind,…show more content…
He responded through slightly clenched jaws, “ As I have mentioned several times before, personal information is not to be disclosed to or around patients. Refer to me instead as ‘Professor X’.” Disinterested in whether his boss left or not by that point, the man left. After the man left and the door latched shut, the professor walked into a room full of medical supplies and assorted scalpels. He methodically selected tools and laid them out on a tray in front of him. With the tray in hand, the professor walked into the room where Alice (as he had chosen to identify her) was contained. She sat fettered by her hands and feet in a chair in the midst of the room. Reclining her chair, he began his
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