Crane Family Therapy Case Study

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Brief description of the Crane family and client Hunter (Laureate Education, 2013n) Hunter is now 7 years old. The last time he and his family was in therapy was four years ago after the birth of his sister. Over the last four years Hunter has been displaying increasing behavioral problems. Hunter, becomes agitated and aggressive easily and uses language not appropriate for a boy his age. He is emotionally volatile and anxious and efforts to soothe him are unsuccessful. Carol, his mother has taken a second job and is going to school online in an effort to better herself and to provide a future for her children (Laureate Education, 2013n). Description of development-related issues The development issues Hunter is experiencing may be due to the absence in both mother and Father. Since his father is completely out of his lives and his mother works two…show more content…
A client 's artwork can be used in counseling sessions as tools for assessment and creative expression. This drawing exercise enables a client or a family to examine presenting issues and define treatment goals for future intervention. Incorporating art activities into family sessions provides a medium to engage all family members. While the content of the family drawings provides valuable diagnostic information, the therapist should also focus on the family dynamics that emerge during the exercise, such as interaction styles, issues of power and control, communication level, roles, and dysfunctional patterns (Lowenstein, 2002) family centered, therapy.It can be difficult for parents to bring their children to a counselor for help, especially when there is something going on in the home that is potentially affecting the child in a negative manner. For counseling to be successful, the counselor needs to be validating the parent 's feelings, understand their perspective, and help them understand why treatment will ultimately help their

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