Crane In The Movie

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Crane generally refers to a tool to aid old man to walk. In this film, it represents the lack of security. The death of Carl’s wife destroys the original feeling balance in his heart. Since his wife died , crane is always with Carl. The fact shows that he is not really in need of crane but in need of a balance between the inner world and the actual world.
The first of all, during the fight with Charles, it shows a brave Carl with the ability to live without crane. The reason for the exist of crane may pursue the accompany for lacking of safety. However, When decides to protect his new friends rather than the house, Carl not only gets rid of the love tie but also the reliance to crane.
What’s more, weapon is a tool which can protect oneself
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At this moment, Carl regains happiness. On a certain degree,because of his liberated mind, the security he gains is not from the crane, not from other persons, but his inner world. The matters he cares is ahout his new friends rather than some past things.
In a conclusion, the exist of his crane satisfies his mental needs. Therefore, the crane stands for his mental need of safety. Besides, after the crane is left in South America, Carl lives a happy life with a sense of belonging and security and becomes an energetic explorer in the adventure of life.Thus, the process of getting rid of crane is also the process of seeking
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Without the promise, there will also not be a adventure to Paradise Falls. Before having to make a move to Shady Oaks-retirement village, he manages to use balloons to float the house, which is the first step to achieve Ellie’s dream or to fulfill his promise to Ellie. What’s more, after Ellie’ death, Carl never laughs until balloons help the house fly. The promise to his wife is precious treasure for him. To some extent, with the help of balloons, the behavior lightens up Carl’s emotion.
The second promise is Carl to Russell. Carl swears not to leave the bird and protect it. At the beginning, Carl escapes from the domination of Charles and goes to protects the bird to her home. However, when Charles forces Carl to make choice between the bird Kevin and his house, Carl chooses the house. With his swear to Russel is broken ,the balloon is also destroyed. On a certain degree, this is a hint symbol for the breaking off the promise to Russell. The power of balloon or the power of promise helps Carl go to the
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