Crane's Short Story, The Open Boat

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The short story, “The Open Boat,” gave life that the lives of the men were inconsequential to the world. Nature’s did its wrath upon the four men. Without mercy, the four men would become stranded upon a dinghy. The world would continue to push the men away from civilization. As the story continues, the men would come far and hard forward to land. However, the world would trick the men into thinking that help has come. That the ounces of help for them would be swept away by the ocean waves.
The men live in a world that did not consider them, the lives of the men as important. Though a couple of the men on the boat would try to reassure themselves that help would come. The world would continue to stab their hearts that the help they thought was coming would not appear to their aid. In the beginning of the fourth chapter, “Funny they don’t see us!” (212-213, Crane). This evidence in the sentence meant that the world does not see the four men as worthy enough to be considered saved. This short sentence would continue to appear along the story till the men spot a man on the shore. Although, the men thought that the man would come to their aid. In due time, the four men would figure out that such an idea was no longer possible. That the sufficiency of their lives did not add up to fate. A paragraph in chapter six, “When it occurs to a man that nature does not regard him as important and that she
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The forces of the world would continue to press upon the oceans without acknowledging the men of their existence. Also, Stephen Crane gave the readers the sense of irony into the characters of his story. Acknowledging the characters would eventually find help in the ocean waters. However, help would only come through their own actions. The story’s universe was neither forgiving or resentment. That he or she, the universe, would not be afflicted by the actions of four

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