Crank Ellen Hopkins Summary

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Crank is part one of three book installment written by Ellen Hopkins. In the beginning of the novel we meet Kristina a straight A, clean cut, 16 year old girl. But while visiting her drug addicted father during the summer before her junior year Kristina meets the “monster” and she also meets Bree, her dangerous alter ego, within no time Kristina lets Bree completely take over. Bree is Kristina’s chic, smooth-talking persona that has one major flaw… she has a serious craving for any and every drug. So pretty soon Bree’s desperate desire for the high flying monster is all two girls can think about. On July 29th in Medina, Ohio Eric Warfel was arrested for corpse abuse after a local cable technician found Warfel’s infant daughter decomposing in her crib. On August 10th Eric Warfel, who is 34 years, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Now although medical examiners have not ruled on a cause of death for the infant child, they have agreed that the deceased body had been in the crib for weeks before she was found. In 2013 Warfel also had a 5-month-old daughter who “suddenly” died. Eric Warfel was granted sole custody of the…show more content…
Drug addiction is a consuming mental illness and it makes you lose sight of who and what is truly important in life, just as these two mothers did. Both these pieces of text are great examples of the theme Hopkins tried to convey through the book, the horrors that drug use can bring, how quickly your life can spiral out of control, and how even though you know in your mind that all of this hardship is brought on by these drugs you’ve gotten to a point where quitting seems impossible. The mother in Ohio, and Kristina are both representations of how drugs can incorrectly prioritize your whole
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