Crank: The Case Of Chev Chelios

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Crank is about a high profile Los Angeles hitman named Chev Chelios who works for Carlito, a cold hearted organized crime boss. Chelios is ordered by Carlito to kill Don Kim, opposing mafia boss of the Triads, for some meddling his gang had done with Carlito’s business. It appears that the hit goes smoothly. While this happens Ricky Verona, slimy small time criminal, sees this as an opportunity to move up the ranks and be Carlito’s right hand man like Chelios is. His way to get there is killing Chelios so that the Triads won’t retaliate. In Verona’s eyes, this will show Carlito that he is tactful enough to do his dirty work. The morning after Don Kim is killed Verona along with several henchmen break into Chelios’ house and inject him…show more content…
Chelios leaves for the warehouse with Eve in his tail without him noticing. Chelios arrives to Kaylo’s corpse and henchmen saying they were given orders to kill him by Carlito. Chelios successfully wins the shootout against the henchmen and takes Eve to Doc Miles’ house. Doc tells Chelios that he couldn’t find a cure and that he’ll probably pass away soon. Knowing this Chelios leaves to enact revenge upon Carlito and Verona. They all meet on a hotel rooftop where immediately Carlito tries to inject Chelios with a second dose of the synthetic chinese medicine, when Don Kim and the Triads show up, attacking Carlito’s henchmen on sight. Carlito tries to escape the scene via helicopter but Chelios grabs and holds him at gunpoint. Then, Verona sneaks up behind with his own syringe and gives Chelios a second dose and shoots Carlito and tries to escape with his helicopter. Verona isn’t able to take off in time and Chelios manages to heave himself aboard. They duke it out for a while until Chelios manages to pull Verona out the helicopter, suspending them both in mid-air. The fight continues as Chelios finally manages to snap Verona’s neck. Now alone in mid air, he gives a call to Eve saying sorry that he hasn’t been there for her. His body then lands on a car and bounces to in front of the camera. The screen cuts to black and then we hear two
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