Swot Analysis Of Crankshaft

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Keywords— Crankshaft, Finite Element Analysis, PRO-E, Strength Analysis

Crankshaft is one of the vital elements of the internal combustion engine. The main purpose of crankshaft in automobiles is to transform reciprocating linear motion to rotary motion i.e. it is used to translate from piston to crank. The main aim of this paper is to evaluate and compare the loading and fatigue performance of two vying production techniques for crankshaft viz. forged steel and Ti-6Al-4V+12%TiC (Particle Reinforced Metal Matrix Composite) used in automobiles. Three dimensional model of crankshaft shaft is created using Pro-Engineer. Static simulation has to be conducted on two crankshafts, forged steel and Ti-6Al-4V+12%TiC, from similar single
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The static analysis is done and is verified by simulations in finite element analysis software ANSYS. Comparisons for the properties such as equivalent stress, equivalent strain, total deformation, life and damage of crankshafts made up of forged steel and Ti-6Al-4V+12%TiC were determined and the results were tabulated. Model theoretical calculations are performed for clear analysis. The output of result would provide a possible theoretical base for optimization and development of engine design.

A. Introduction

Crankshaft is one of the significant components of an engine which has a four bar link mechanism. The crankshaft is prominent in size and complicated in geometrical structure and it is used to transubstantiate from reciprocating motion into rotary motion. It induces the engine to rotate. Main bearing is rotated along with the shaft parts
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Proposed Methodology

Ti-6Al-4V+12% TiC alloy, which has relatively, eminent strength, higher corrosion resistance and modest value of modulus. Due to this crankshaft is produced using Ti-6Al-4V+12% TiC. Crankshaft is made up of Ti-6Al-4V+12% TiC alloy and forged steel is designed using design software pro-engineer and the properties and performance of crankshaft is determined. The analysis works were carried out in Ansys and the number of properties such as stress, strain, total deformation, life and damage are obtained as per the recommendation of design of experiments.

C. Conclusion

The analysis of crank shaft were found that the Ti-6Al-4V+12% TiC material have a good physical properties and it has a appreciable deformation under the moment then forged material steel and finally the deformation, stress, strain of the Ti-6Al-4V+12% TiC is low compared to the forged steel material. Crankshaft is usually made of forged steel, but the performance of crankshaft is less than what is estimated so Ti-6Al-4V+12% TiC came into consideration as it have many advantages over forged steels. Comparison between properties of forged steel and Ti-6Al-4V+12% Tic are

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