Crankshaft Lab Report

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Crankshaft is one of the vital elements of the

internal combustion engine. The main purpose of

crankshaft in automobiles is to transform

reciprocating linear motion to rotary motion i.e. it

is used to translate from piston to crank. This work

is about evaluating and comparing the load and

fatigue performance of two vying production

techniques for crankshaft viz. forged steel and Ti-

6Al-4V+12%TiC (Particle Reinforced Metal

Matrix Composite) used in automobiles. Three

dimensional model of crankshaft shaft is created

using Pro-Engineer. Static simulation has to be

conducted on two crankshafts, forged steel and Ti-

6Al-4V+12%TiC, from similar single cylinder four

stroke engines. Finite element analysis (FEA) is to

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The analysis works were carried out

in ANSYS and the number of properties such as

stress, strain, total deformation, life and damage are

obtained as per the recommendation of design of
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Dimensions for crankshaft (Table 1)

Length of crank pin 12.7 mm

Diameter of crank


25.4 mm

Shaft diameter 19.05 mm

Bore diameter 68.3 mm

Stroke length 51.8 mm

Maximum pressure 3.15 N/mm2

Force on the piston = 11.53KN

In order to find the Thrust Force acting on the

connecting rod (FQ), and the angle of inclination of

the connecting rod with the line of stroke (i.e. angle


Sinφ = sinθ/(l/r)

Fp= Area of the bore *Max. Combustion pressure

= π/4*D2*Pmax

Take l/r =5, The maximum value of tangential

force lies when the crank is at an angle of θ=35o

(from 300

to 400

for diesel engines)


We know that Thrust Force in the connecting rod,

FQ =FP/cosφ

From we have thrust on the connecting rod,

FQ =11.60KN

Thrust on the crankshaft can be split into tangential

component and radial component.

1. Tangential force on the
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Table 1 Comparison between Forged steel and Ti-6Al-4V+12% TIC using


Material Forged steel Ti-6Al-4V+12% TIC


Total deformation (m) 0 7.749E-6 0 1.54E-8

Equivalent Elastic


2.38E-12 0.0006146 1.05E-14 1.18E-6

Equivalent stress (Pa) 0.4561 1.1E8 1.02 1.09E8

Life(cycles) 394.74 1E6 364.82 1E6

Damage 1000 3.753E7 1000 3.68E7
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