Movie Crash Character Analysis Essay

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Crash character analysis
In this analysis I am going to analyze the movie Crash, however I am going to focus on one special female character and analyze everything from her behavior to her actions. I am also going to start it of by giving a brief summary of the story and some of my thoughts around it.
The movie Crash is played out in racial Los Angeles, where the cops and justice system are corrupt. A car accident in Los Angeles leads to about ten strangers crossing roads and their moral towards racism is constantly tested which leads to a number of things that I am going to discuss later on.
The movie opens up strongly with a presentation of the characters, their personalities and moral dilemmas. The longer the movie goes, the more entangled
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Christine feels that she and her husband, but also other African Americans, are discriminated against. She does not show any fear for standing up for this fact even though it could have ruined her husband’s reputation and almost put a stop to her marriage. As much as she is against racial prejudice, her obsession with is leads to her unintentionally letting race define her. Christine understands what her ancestors have gone through and accepts this heritage as a part of her, however it becomes a little bit too much and she herself appears as this prejudice person that hates all whites and finds them harmful and…show more content…
However, sometimes it just is not worth it. For example when she and her husband ran into the police and risked both her husband’s reputation and her marriage just because she wanted justice. If I would have been in her seat during that scene I would have reacted just like her because the way the police officer was treating them crossed all lines. Personally I think that Christine is a hard working woman struggling against the stereotype. I can resemble with her as I myself am a second generation immigrant.
The movie is great and extremely well done. It carries the strong message about racism going both ways and that we are not living in an equal society. It opened my eyes more about the race subject. However, it does also show that there is some good in every person even though how evil they may seem. It is certainly one of the best movies I have watched during my time in
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