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The most powerful scene in the movie “Crash” is the scene where a black male and female couple is driving a car that looks like the same one that has been stolen in the movie but it is not a stolen car because the license plate is different. Matt Dillon, who is a white racist police officer pulls the couple over and persuaded them to get out of the car and he pats them both down, while he was patting the women down he molested her in the presence of her husband and the husband could not bear to see what he was doing to his wife, although he cannot put a halt or stop the cop because he will be accused of assaulting a police officer, he has think about his standards within society. For example, although the police officer is committing a crime, the husband cannot have to take in consideration that if he does anything to the officer or reacted in a very malicious way, he would not only be accused of assaulting the police but he will also be a color guy assaulting an officer. Moreover, since there are two different races it will be some worse authorities in the conflict. To sum up, the scene is mostly about how a couple was mistreated by the racist officer because of their race and the husband has to rethink what will happen to him if he risks his life for his wife.
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My favorite character in the movie “Crash”, is Christine because she is a outlier from the rest of characters, she settles for anything higher and that she deserves and she does not let anyone go beyond her rules, she also has set boundaries for

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