Crash Of Japan Case Study Essay

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Case study Case name: Crash of Japan Airline 123 Date: 12th August1985 Over view: On 12th August1985 at 6 pm, a Japan airline 123 takeoff from Tokyo Haneda airport to the airport at city of Osaka. The flight was under two controllers, Yutaka Suraki and Sammy to Hama. Everything was going normal that suddenly two blasts were heard after 12 minutes of the takeoff, one after another. After which the flight was not in the control of pilots. Flight controls were not responding. The level of oxygen starts decreasing in cabin due to which it was becoming difficult for passengers to breathe. Later after 32 minutes the plane goes and crashed into a mountain and dispersed. As this incident took place…show more content…
From the voice recorder founded. The officials hear “Hey something has exploded” ……. “It’s the end”. The explosion part said by controllers and after confirmation from the survival, it causes officials to feel that it was a terrorist attack. Later parts of the vertical fin were founded from Suruga Bay, where the first explosion occurred. American team reached at the sight of crash. They work hard for the investigation. They found remains of pressure Bulkhead (aft). Most remains were found at the area of crash. The aft was repaired. The investigation starts with why it gets damaged. Investigators studied aft and found there was an unusual damage on it. One piece of block was stripped into 2 pieces as when something is overloaded. Team examines ball kid section. After examining, one ball kid plate sheared off along the line of rivets joining into its neighbor. The team was up with what happened. First explosion was heard because high pressure air through cabin rushed through the hole which causes the bulkhead to fail explosively due to which tail blow away. When the bulkhead exploded and plane lost it tail, the plane was out of control of the pilots as hydraulic pressure of plane was also lost. The plane goes and

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