Crash Safety Case Study

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Case Study on Crash Safety Rating For Passenger Vehicles Operation Management and Supply Chain Name: Suman Malla Date: July12, 2015 Introduction Safety means being safe for any type of accident. Accident may occur at any time any place. People don’t know about the accident when it occurs. So to be safe from accident, the people should be aware and should use the safety devices in their daily life. We take safety in many areas in our daily life from kitchen to road. Crash safety helps to measure and reduce the risk of accident. Driving a vehicle may be easy but the applying the safety devices is too hard and rare. So we should aware about the safety measure how it can be used in our daily life. (Chase, Jacbos, Aquilano,, & Agrawal)…show more content…
Those vehicles which secure or less damages to the human lives are rated as high secure vehicles. And those vehicles, which is less secure, is rated as low secure vehicles. The rated is done from 1 to 5. Highest secure vehicle is rated as 5 and low secure vehicle is rated as 1. According to the National highway Traffic safety, highest rated vehicles were Chevrolet: Malibu, Infiniti Q50, Spark, Impala, Ford Fiesta, Toyota’s Yaris, Mazda’s Mazda 3, Mazda 6, Mercedez-Benx e-class. The highest safety rating of vehicles is measure as the features available in the vehicle like nine air bags, emergency break, anti-lock breaking system, front seatbelt, intelligent speed assist, etc. The lowest rated vehicles are Toyota’s PriusC . while testing the crash safety by Toyota’s PriusC gives the worst result and it is rated as a low safety vehicle by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. (rash-safety-ratings) Importance of Crash safety…show more content…
The cost of car, location of driving area, priority, preference, and awareness of the consumer influence a lot in buying decisions. As we a consumer, spending money is not a easy step. While purchasing we saw the facilities and services of the car as well as safety of the car. Types of Buyers concerned with Crash Safety rating. Most of the customer who is highly concerned about the crash safety rating while buying a car is family, senior citizen, big business man, socially responsible person, politicians. These persons are highly concentrated about the safety of car. Most of the young customer doesn’t concern about the crash safety rating. They only want the new style car, luxury car, fashionable designed car and other features of the car. (rash-safety-ratings) Others Features influencing buyers. Advertisement plays a vital role to attracting the consumer to buy a newly arrived vehicle. Customers are eager to buy a newly stylized car in the market. Price is another factor, which influenced the buying new vehicles. Customer wants to spend less money and wants stylized, crash safety car, relaxed car. Another factor, which influenced while buying the vehicles, is location. Those customers who have to travel off road want to buy off road vehicles having more engine power and strength. And the customer who travels city area preferred to buy low surface area and luxury vehicles. For the youngsters they

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