Crayfish Reflection

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Osvaldo Sandoval second semester glpo My second semester was a great year my grades didn 't start off too well but eventually I got all my stuff together and made one heck of a comeback. I started off with a gpa that I wasn 't proud of but I ended with a lot higher of grades. I realised that many things contributed to this and one was the history project we did about ww2. It involved me and a group of my classmates to study someone who was part of world war 2. We got US and even though I didn 't like my teammates the most we ended up doing a pretty good project. My teammate lizette took lead and we got everything done by the due date. When we presented I was a bit nervous but eventually got my nervousness to go away and we pretty much aced that project. This let me grow as a student because I learned about what everybody did in the war from the us to…show more content…
A fun thing we did a bit later in the semester is we went to on a field trip that took us to one of Santa Monica 's mountains to get rid of some of the invasive crayfish. Of course we had to do observations on these crayfish and it was pretty fun. I was a bit nervous to grab the crayfish at first but with some help from my friend Jonathan I finally got the courage to do it. But when I had it in my hand it moved and got me nervous so I might have dropped it but it was fine. On the field trip we went hiking and we got to see poison oak which was basically like poison ivy but for the west side of the us the leaves were red and noticeable so no one touched it. That day I was more globally aware of the effects that invasive species can have on the environment. It was a fun trip and when I saw Mr. Lee’s face and how amazed he was with everything I kinda laughed because he was enjoying this very
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