In The Heat Of The Sun Film Analysis

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Introduction War is very common throughout history and leaves no country unaffected by its path. It destroys homes, ruins economies, and forces people to change whether that be for the betterment of their overall life or for the worse. It brings to light issues that people may have never thought about prewar era but also can bring solutions to these problems and more. With how much war can change a person’s life one thing that people tend to forget about most often is the emotional aftermath. The emotions on both sides of the battle run high at the start of the war; people are full of patriotism, adrenaline, and hope. If one side loses spirits are crushed, hope is lost, and people begin to look for new outlets because they feel their nation has let them down. This can lead to hostility or complete ignorance of the previous generation, since they are at fault for the current environment. However, on the other end of the deal with a victory, people will latch on to anything the leaders push through media. They are happy and living joyously.…show more content…
More specifically it highlights how the lives of the youth or next generation may change based on those outcomes. It’s also important to note that both films not only take set in different eras, but were also filmed in different time periods which will affect the overall message of the interpersonal relationships amongst the youth. The directors, Jiang Wen and Ko Nakahira, the importance of these era within the film and outside. Thus, allowing the audience to get a visual representation, the cinematic elements, of the role eras played. Through an in depth of analysis of both films, one will be able to better understand how a revolution is a breeding ground for high emotions amongst the youth
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