Crazy Boy Short Story

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Crazy Boy (Scary Story) Author: Aman Honnawarkar Once upon a time, there was a ten year old boy named, Jacob who was camping with his friends in a forest in Illinois. Suddenly, out of nowhere Jacob heard crashing from the bushes to his left, ”Gggggggrrrrrrrrrr!” A big, furry grizzly bear attacked their camp in broad daylight. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!” Jacob stood there frozen, screaming. Then he fainted. When he woke up, he was stranded in the middle of nowhere with his clothes ripped up and bleeding. All he could see was tall, clean grass and the bright sun glaring in his eyes. He got up to see what was around him. That’s when he saw his friends laying, still hidden in the grass. He started shaking them, “Wake up!” he yelled, when they didn’t…show more content…
There next to him was his brother and father. They all looked so happy, then everything turned bad. He saw his mother dying in a hospital. His brother dying in a hospital. The depressed boy woke up just before he saw his father died and started sprinting outside. Tired he got into a fishing boat and went out. It was days before Jacob ever saw land. When he finally arrived there were armed men on the land. The men immediately saw the boat and muffled something into a radio. Jacob realized the men and he started going the other direction, “Zzzzzzeeeeeee!”, his engine broke and he was stuck a few miles away from land and he did not know how to swim. Luckily for him there was a life vest in the bottom cabinet of the boat he put it on and jumped into the water. Suddenly a thought came into the Jacob’s mind, “SHARKS!” , Jacob thought, the boy is terrified of sharks. He propelled his hands as fast as he could. He did not want to get sliced in half by a shark. Then something was circling around him, getting closer and closer each time till it came up to the boy’s face, then the boy smiled, this was no shark, it was just a dolphin circling him. Jacob jumped onto the dolphin and together they rode off for
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