Crazy Deer Hunting

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On a very gloomy day I went hunting for a brown, white, crazy deer. This deer was very neglected and grumpy. He always was disrespectful to landowners. He had gigantic antlers, it would be the biggest deer I have ever shot. The landowners were very extraordinarily nice. They had a fluffy and soft dog named fluffy. These people were very rich, the dog was very spoiled. On the first day of hunting the deer came in very rampant behind me, knocked me over like a disappointed child, then he ate my lunch. He then ran out, knocked over the feeder for the cows, then sped away. My gun had fell in some water and got muddy, this caused the gun to get rusted. I couldn 't use my gun anymore, so the landowner loaned me one for the hunt. The next morning I…show more content…
Again he ate my lunch then he trotted of very cocky. I was lucky the landowners gun had not landed in the puddle, it was perfectly fine. I could not think of another way to shoot this deer without him messing something up. Then it came to me, what if I used a camo ground blind? I went, set it up, then got it ready for the next morning. When I went in the next morning the blind was trashed also smashed into the dirty, brown, mucky, ground of the earth. There was no way I was going to be able to shoot this deer, it was too smart for me. The landowner 's daughter had been listening to our conversations about the hunt and the genius deer. She came up to me and said “Hey mister, what if you put a treestand across the field from where the deer comes in also, put a ground blind where it comes in then when it messes with the ground blind that will leave you with a perfect shot.” I couldn’t believe it, his eight year old daughter was smarter than both of us. I tried her plan the next morning, it worked perfectly. I shot the biggest, smartest, most gruesome, grumpy, strong deer I have ever seen. I went back to the ranch, said thanks to the landowner, gave him his gun back, thanked the little girl, then I headed back home with a story no one would

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