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“ Crazy Rich Asians ” is a first literature of Kevin Kwan, the Singapore author of American nationality. Furthermore, the literature “ Crazy Rich Asians” is his first novel in 2013. Crazy Rich Asians is tells about the nobility of Asia people nowadays. So, readers can see the change with age to build the foundation of wealth for long time.
In the present, the original English version has been translated into more than 12 languages. Thai as a second Asian language that has been translated. The literature about love, greed, anger, be infatuated no matter what nationality, the rich man or poor are also interest in the society. Moreover, The stories reflect the culture of the Chinese mainland and overseas Chinese people who emigrated to exist
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Double-majored in history and law. Nick had perfectly tousled black hair, chiseled Cantonese pop-idol features and impossibly thick eye-lashes. He also has a career as an academic in the United State and a girlfriend named Rachel Chu. Rachel is 32 years old. She had a long black hair and white skin. She was graduated majored in economic. She had the opportunity to teach at Chengdu. Now, she is an academic of economic in United State. Rachel is what is called an ‘ABC’ (American-Born Chinese), and she is too innocent to have wondered much about Nick’s family. But Nick had to take Rachel home to meet his family extremely wealthy Singapore. His family will respond? .Rachael did not know that she was stepping into the world of extreme wealth. At the same time, her background was snooping. Contemporary love story filled with brand name has become so entertaining tale of intrigue and complex conflicts to safeguard the interests of the family. The truth appears to be life-changing for everyone to…show more content…
She is the cousin of Nick. She was born in an aristocratic family. She tells the story for the small group of girls growing up within Singapore’s most elite milieu, life followed a prescribed order: Beginning at age 6, you were enrolled at Methodist Girl’s School (MGS), Singapore Chinese Girl’s School (SCGS), or the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ), After-school hours were consumed by a team of tutors preparing you for the avalanche of weekly exams (usually in classic Mandarin literature, multivariable calculus and molecular biology), followed on the weekends by piano, violin, flute or riding and some sort of Christian Youth Fellowship activity. If you did well enough, you entered the National University of Singapore (NUS) and if you did not, you were sent abroad to England (American colleges were deemed substandard). The only acceptable majors were medicine or law. After graduating with honors, you practiced your vocation (for not more than three years) before marrying a boy from a suitable family at the age of the 25. At this point, you gave up your career to have a children (three or more than that) and life would consist of a gentle rotation of galas, country clubs, Bible study groups, travelling and spending time with your grandchildren until your quiet and uneventful death.

In my opinion, If were her. I feel that I'm getting pressure from those around you, and the people expect of me. I felt truly unhappy if I was born with lots of
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