Crazy Time In The Great Gatsby

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In The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald portrays the 1920s as a crazy and wild time. The parties are huge. The lights. The fireworks. The money. And the people. Everything goes wild. This is also the time during the prohibition so the alcohol is crazy and that means that people are going against the law and going into secret places in order to drink. During this crazy time, the story going into detail about a specific persons like. Jay Gatsby. A new money kind of man. Living in West Egg which is where all people who made their own money, rather than being born into it such as the people in East Egg did. With Jay Gatsby, we learn about his mysterious past as the book continues. Jay Gatsby is a character that we do not get the full story all at once. We have to continue to search for all that is there. Jay Gatsby is a mystery to all, but his love for Daisy is what he lives for, his one and only true friend, Nick, narrates the story to show us the truth behind who Jay Gatsby really is.
Jay Gatsby knows what he wants in life and he knows that it is Daisy that he wants. He lies about who he truly is, but what Jay Gatsby does not lie about ever, is his love for Daisy.
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With all of the parties and the rumors that go around him, it seems as though Jay Gatsby is a lonely man. He does not have anyone in his life and the big parties makes the readers think that that is what the parties are for. In order for him to not feel as lonely. The rumors about Jay gatsby contain that he has killed a person, went to war, is an Oxford man, and many more (“The Great Gatsby”). They are very far fetched and exaggerated but it just goes to show how much no one knows who Jay Gatsby is. He is all one big secret to the public eye, and no one believes any of the stories that are told about
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