Creating A Monument Dbq

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Creating a monument for an person or event is an great idea if they have did something significant in the historic life that have changed us in some way. People that have been leaders or made an great impact on modern lives they should be notice because of what they did to help. Some people just want there name on something for little stuff thats not making history or changing people’s lives. That why i think people or an event that has already occurred should have an monument. Memorializing a person or event and creating a monument is an great idea because illustrates our past that some may not know that happen and that a person or event should be honored. In 1860 Lincoln was elected president.He promised to end slavery in the country . People in the southern states needed slaves to work on their plantation and they thought Abraham Lincoln was a danger to them. Within a few months southern states broke away from the and formed the Confederate States of America. This led to a long and bloody war between the northern and the southern states, which ended in 1865.(English people need to be appreciated about what they have done for us. They should be remember because the world wouldn’t be like is today if it wasn 't for…show more content…
The fact that Abraham Lincoln was remember they should have made a monument for him. He did something that helps modern day life the world would probably not be the same if he didn’t do anything to change it. Some people should be grateful of our past leaders that are not here anymore. part of their remembrance of historic times or cultural heritage, or as an example of historic architecture. The term 'monument ' is often applied to buildings or structures that are considered examples of important architectural and/or cultural
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