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How to Apply Eyeshadow
Eyeshadow is one of the key parts in you eye makeup and it can give your eyes a different shape and make them look better. On this article I will teach you how to apply eyeshadow in a way to highlight your eyes and make them look better. If you have deep or sunken eyes then you should note that your eyes will look even deeper. Instead of using eyeshadow you can use foundation instead. One of the most important tips on how to apply eyeshadow well is to blend! Blending is important in all makeup and especially when you are blending the different colors of eyeshadow.
You always apply two or three tones of eyeshadow and the colors should blend in a smooth way between the different shades. When you use three colors then you
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On the lid you should use a lighter tone of eyeshadow and highlight under the eyebrows.
How to Apply Eyeshadow for you Eye Color
When you are applying eyeshadow you can use different eyeshadow colors to bring out the color of your eyes. You can either match your eye color or you can contrast it, start out by trying out different colors to see how they go with your eyes.
When you are applying eyeshadow you have to choose and apply the highlight color carefully because you want to complete the makeup effect your are trying to achieve. Like I said before, blending is crucial, blend the outside edge of the crease to make your eyes look bigger, be careful because if your highlighter is too close then you may end up with eyes that look like beads. Don’t put eyeshadow on your brow bones because it is exaggerated, keep it simple and put color up to the bone but not on it.
I hope you have enjoyed this article and if you want to know more on how to apply eye makeup you can visit the other articles on how to apply mascara, how to apply eyeliner and other articles on how to apply makeup! If you have any questions or tips please leave me a

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