Creating Mass Incarceration In Prisons

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The policy has created a large inequality gap in today’s western society, seen in wealth, race and the mass incarceration of the minority group such as the African-Americans, the Aboriginal and people that have mental health issues. This out-dated policy has allowed racial disadvantage to happen where the government shows little interest in dealing with this injustice due to making them look being soft on crime (3,54). This policy has kept the minorities poor, depress earnings by 30–40%, break up families, make men unattractive marriage partners, and increase social disorder (3,54). The result of this policy is creating mass incarceration where prison are overcrowded with minorities groups and as stated in my introductory assignment where resources are being stretched to the max, where things such as social programs in prison are being canceled to give the basic material for each prison.…show more content…
The null hypothesis shows there is no evidence that punishing the offender with harsher sentences deter the offender from committing a crime (??). This shows that the government should change the policy of ‘tough on crime’ when the policy has no impact and less and less public support; this out-dated policy should stop being used where instead of the government should stop looking at tackling crime, but finding ways to prevent crime. To prevent crime people have to look at the root of the cause, which can be the inequality distribution of wealth, racism, family violence, and poor parenting, no opportunity of education or jobs. Need for social programs that deter people from crime; especially young adults who tend to fall into the cycle of crime (6,
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