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“Creating Reel Change,” by Donovan Jacobs is article about different film directors who produce movies that focus on issues that affect many people. Jacobs states that a variety of untraditional film and documentary makers seek to do more than portray positive action on the screen. These companies and artists want to motivate their audiences to get better informed on their issues, volunteer to help the subjects of the movie or program, and even advocate for legislation that offers protection to victims and tries to right the wrongs portrayed. For an example, some companies’ focus on global issues others focuses on getting a motivational message across. I’ve watched several movies and documentaries, and one, in particular, has certainly made…show more content…
In the wild, orcas spend up to 95 percent of their time submerged and would find shade in the depths of the ocean, but at SeaWorld, their tanks are far too shallow. Their deepest tank is 40 feet deep—not nearly deep enough to give them a reprieve from the harsh elements. Because of this, orcas have perpetual sunburns, which are shielded from the public eye with the help of black zinc oxide, which matches their skin. Although zinc oxide is also used as a sunblock, orcas almost always have sunburn before it is applied. When I read this I was appalled. How can people be so cruel to these animals when all they want to do is swim freely in the ocean with their…show more content…
I never thought that professional trainers would hurt them in any way. I even believed that if they were taken to an amusement park than it would be the same as living in the ocean. I was wrong. They need space, a social life, real food and much more. I think that these orcas are humans living in the ocean because they are so much like us. We need space, a social life and so much more. This documentary has definitely made an impact in my life as well as other people lives. Helen O 'Hara states that the film made just over $2m at the US box office, but amid overwhelmingly positive reviews it had a disproportionate effect. Music stars including The Beach Boys and Trisha Yearwood cancelled scheduled appearances at the Bands, Brews & BBQ event at SeaWorld Orland and Busch Gardens Tampa and a steady stream of celebrities followed suit and spoke out against the parks, including the likes of Harry Styles earlier this summer. Attendance at SeaWorld’s facilities in San Diego CA, Orlando FL and in Texas began to

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