Creating Vivid Images In Emily Dickinson's My Life

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Emily Dickson was an American poet most known for creating a meaning or emotion out of nonmaterialistic and natural things through her use of words. The realization about what was only known to be created was generated in her poems, mainly through creating a vivid image. She defined a meaning without confining to just one by allowing her poems to have an open interpretation amongst her readers. Although, her work was done for self-pleasure with no intent of publishing, most of her work was published after her death. She had only published approximately less than a dozen of poems anonymously while living (cite here). The overall expression she includes within her work is love, nature, death, sense of life, God, one’s faith, human circumstances,…show more content…
Within her school years one of the main focuses was science, this resembled within her work. Throughout her lifetime, Dickinson had many influences of deaths from friends, families, and violence from the conflicts in the Civil War. The experience of painful treatments dealing with her eye condition is said to reflect on her use of words to create such strong images. The words were a way to express her fear of not being able to see much longer. Dickinson had a way to use metaphors and similes to compare and contrast her situations. A prominent focus within her poems is the split decision to choose between life and death. You can see this reflected in two of her poems “My Life had stood -a Loaded Gun-“ and “Because I could not stop death”.
In her poem “My Life had stood-a Loaded Gun-“, there are many different interpretations a reader can take. In my point of view, this poem is a extend metaphor of Emily Dickson’s connection to her life, or another’s, and a gun. The main theme of the poem is to explain to the reader to not be such like a gun with no purpose. It implies that no one should miss out on living life and to not wait until the approach of death to adventure what is in store for you. Live life to the fullest and not let materialistic things choose your way of

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