Creation In Mary B. Shelley's Frankenstein

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In the story Frankenstein by Mary B. Shelley, the creation’s most significant realization thus far in the story is that he is alone and abandoned because of his looks which causes him to feel the emotion of hatred and causes him to do irrational things. The main character, Victor Frankenstein, is a scientist who reanimated the dead. Immediately after seeing his creations horrible countenance, the scientist runs away in fear and the creature grabbed Victor’s clothes and made his way out. With no knowledge of the outside world he seeked refuge from those who attacked him because of his appearance and spied on some cottagers. He soon becomes familiar with the local language and after a few months he learns to read and write. He then rediscovers…show more content…
This rejection that Victor placed upon him makes him feel miserable. Naturally a parent is suppose to love their child and accept any image the child gives off and the child will give love and affection back. But there is a lack of this relationship between the creation and the scientist which causes anger within the creature. Furthermore, the author italicized “you” to emphasize how the creature places the blame on Victor for his countenance and abandonment, highlighting these two key concepts. Also, he compares himself to Satan, and feels as if they both associate as the worse. But, he considers himself less than Satan since he has no “companions” nor “followers” who cares and “encourages” him. In addition when describing himself, the creature uses words such as “solitary and abhorred” to display he has no one. Unquestionably the creature is full of grief and sadness, yet no one is there to comfort him. This idea of how isolation causes anger and affects the creation’s actions in future parts of the story. His hatred drives him to kill Victor’s brother who has done no harm to him and causes an execution of an innocent person. Certainly, more victims await because of how much the creation’s isolation has impacted him. Overall, the realization of being isolated and alone due to his appearance is the most important realization because it causes him to do unreasonable
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