Creation In The Navajo Culture: Creation And Creation

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Navajo Culture
The underlying culture or theme in the Navajo religion has to do with creation. The story talks about the institution and processes that guarantee growth. The key terms in the discourse are numerous, and they include the first man’s medicine. This is described as the ultimate source for everything on the surface of the earth. It is said to provide continuity for the Navajo people and is the source of all humans’ beings created and is the tie that binds everything together. Another key term is the Niiyaii, which is said to be the entities created. These entities are forms that do not take any particular structure in the Navajo culture, but they are present in everything in the world. Creation is a major term in the Navajo culture and one of the major aspects of creation is that of animation. In this sense, the created entities have always been in existence from time immemorial. For instance, mountains have always been in existence from the beginning but on earth they take a form, and they take a living form. In this way, they can be communicated with and take meaning. The Navajo culture has many varied gods and supernatural powers and deities. Changing woman is one of the key aspects of the narrative. It is also known as the spider woman. She is said to be the consort or the partner of the Sun God and her two sons who are twins. The sons are known as the Monster Slayers. Other key terms of the narrative pertain to the supernatural powers such as the mountains,

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