Creation Was A Literal Seven-Day Event Essay

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17 OCTOBER 2014


Thesis: Despite the controversy the Bible gives proof that creation was a literal seven-day event.

Reasons people believe it is a figurative event.
Confusion of words meanings.
It is not scientifically explained.
Specifically how did God create everything?
Where did water come from?
Day 6
Reasons why people know it is a literal event.
God is the creator.
It is necessary.
It would undermine the message of the cross.
It proves the age of the Earth.
The word YOM
It would contradict the Bible
Sin would have existed before the rebellion of Adam and Eve
Why six days?
A pattern for man.
Adams age.
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It is important that believers believe that creation was seven literal days. Without creation being a literal event the bible would have a lot of contradictions, and lies in it. Despite the controversy the Bible proves that creation was a literal seven-day event. There are a lot of reasons people think that creation was a figurative seven-day event. These are the reasons that it is important that creation was a literal seven-day event.

There are many reasons people believe that creation were figurative days. The first reason is that some words meanings are confused with today’s words. One example of this is the word “Earth” “In

the beginning God created the heaven and earth.”. The Hebrew meaning for this word for is dry land. The second reason is that it is not scientifically explained. The bible does not explain scientifically how God created the universe. How did God separate light from darkness? Were land and water insects created the same day? These are all questions that people ask. “And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from darkness.” In this verse it shows God separates light from darkness. This raises a bunch of controversy. Light and darkness cannot exist together, for they are opposite. I
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