Creationism In The Gilded Age

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In the decades following the Civil War as the United States was changing from a primarily agricultural to an industrialized nation the American intellectual landscapes was changing in equally important ways. New ideas in the worlds of literature, science and philosophy were having great impact on intellectual and artistic endeavors and theses ideas were not just influencing the social elites but also America’s growing mass of ordinary, literate citizens. This influence would set in motion a change in mass direction for the United States. There are many important events that occurred during the Gilded Age. This age was birthed at a time following the Civil War, around the Reconstruction Era and it would continue to rise until its last breath…show more content…
It may be common knowledge to know that Creationism was a principle theory in the realm of science during this time period. Creationism was taught in our schools and institutions, but during this age that mentality took a pivotal shift. Creationism, which is believe in a supernatural creator came under threat by rising, new theories. Theories such as Darwinism began there moment of birth during this time period. It would be by the writing’s of Charles Darwin that society would come to know of Darwinism. Darwinism was a theory in evolution that took hold of the scientific community. It did not occur right away, but these seeds of belief would eventually sprout to grasp ahold of the masses. Darwin’s theories would slowly be implemented into the institutions of education and higher learning. Because of this implementation, a change of how the world was viewed would begin to slowly trickle down from the social elites to the growing mass of regular citizens. That is why in the Gilded Age we see an impact of new ideas towards science. This revolution would not finish here, but would continue at the forefront of every era after. It would find itself before the Supreme Court and before every household. Charles Darwin’s work and studies would eventually become embraced, because of their early roots here. This would represent a huge sociological shift for a newer generations. This shift would be important because its impact does not only remain in the circle of…show more content…
Any common dictionary would state that Philosophy is, “knowledge of nature or reality.” Changes during the Gilded Age would continue off achievements made alongside science. Theories of evolution and the introduction to Darwinism did not just have established a grip on scientific communities, but also philosophical communities as well. A great example would be to analyze the writings of Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin not only brought forth a theory of evolution to attempt to debunk Creationism, but he also delivered his theory of “Natural Selection.” It formed an ideology that only that best will survive or simply survival of the fittest. In fact, “Many social Darwinists stress competition between individuals in laissez-faire (hands-off) capitalism.” This spirit of Social Darwinism would continue its impact on Philosophy far past the reach of simple nature or reality. Hubert Spencer would also contribute greatly towards influence of Philosophy. His role was similar to that of many of his colleagues and friends. As a man that also agreed with the beliefs of men like Charles Darwin he would help establish an “optimistic view of the future” through Darwinism a theoretical evolution. These views also had impact on
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