Theories Of Creationism

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creationism assignmentCreationism
Creationist are group of people who believe that the Creator spoke and all things came into existence and that man, plant and animals are not blood related.
Evolutionist is a group of people who believe man and beast are blood related because they evolved from the same ancestor and have developed naturally.
Agnostic is a group of people who believe the origins of man cannot be discovered.

Creationist theories
Bonnet was a naturalist one of the first man who came up with the scientific theory of creationism, his philosophy was known as emboitment.He assumed that everything was created as a germ and after ages these turn to adult which also means that things were formed from simple to complex.
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He believed that all species still exist nothing has gone extinct because the Creator declared holy order in the universe.
Georges Curvier 1769-1832 founder of comparative anatomy and vertebrate paleontology, he studied fossils that they were in an orderly layers and now they are in feature grouping.He discovered that there was life in rocks which now has gone extinct, his conclusion was that extensive catastrophe destroyed all the species that were still alive on earth therefore leading to the clustering of fossils.
Louis Agassiz 1807-1873 believed that the frequently occurring of the catastrophe destroyed the creation in many areas therefore leading to the extinct of plants and animals from the beginning of life on earth. He also indicate that if these forces settle down the Creator will create again plants and animals in depressingly empty areas, opposed evolutionism but the believer in genesis. His conclusion was that the creator improved creation so that complex forms follow simpler
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This can be passed over to offspring and they proceed with the development. Scientist does not take into account speculation on origin but concentrate on taxonomic of biology.
Darwinian evolutionism believed natural selection is the main process of changing part not inclusive means. From his book Origin of species he stated that; there is a grad ear in this view of life with several powers, having been original breathed by the creator into few forms or one and that while this planet has gone circling according to fixed law of gravity, from simple at the beginning to endless form most beautiful and wonderful have been and are being evolved.
Evolution of today is based on three assumptions mechanistic type which include the process of chemistry and physics,teleogical type which state that God created the living fossil to serve the certain end and final the emergent type which consist of developmental characterised by progressing stages which are unnoticed by the
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