Creative And Innovation Process In Nestle

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Introduction This report is based on the study of importance of creative and innovative process in Nestlé, a global manufacturer of food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Through more than 150 years of history Nestlé has developed from a two-product company concentraiting mainly on baby nutrition to be the greatest food corporation in the world with 1,5% of the world market. The Nestlé portfolio includes 22,000 products sold across the five continents and produced in more than 84 countries. The total sales on Nestlé in 2015 reached to more $92,3 billion and the trading profit was more then $9 billion. This report would evaluate the creativity and innovation management process of Nestlé. The role of leadership, vision and mission of Nestlé…show more content…
Innovation is not just about releasing new product. It also can be defined as implementation of significantly improved good or service, or process. a new organizational or marketing method in business practices, external relation or workplace organization (OECD 2011). The food industry is one of the most innovative: more than 5000 new products are launched every year. Therefore innovations are necessary for Nestlé to develop and retain competitive advantage. Nestlé owes its appearance to an innovation, specifically the invention of lacteal flour by company’s founder, Henri Nestlé in 1867. Since then, Nestlé has been continiously building its success on technologic innovation by designing new procedures (manufacturing of soluble coffee powder, bringed in 1937) and modifying product quality (the reduction of carbohydrates for Nescafé, 1950). Nowadays, Nestlé’s R&D network includes 34 R&D facilities all over the world. Nestlé has over 5,000 employees involved in R&D, which makes Nestlé’s R&D network the largest of any food company…show more content…
It controls around 335 000 employees with different fields and practices “Democratic Leadership Style” to get the goals achieved. This style is used by Nestlé to make their employees to be more communicative and collaborated where they can discuss about new ideas for new products and technology. Nestle is people and product oriented and as decentralized as possible. Therefore, Nestlé puts people at the centre of everything it does. Nestlé motivates its employees by immediate job satisfaction, long-term career growth, high reward and the personal growth that comes from experience and training. Company has clear mission and goals which are well communicated to all employees around

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