Creative Culture At Pixar

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Pixar is an American computer animation film company with a creativity-based business who have customers that want to see something new in the movie, which leads to the major challenge in finding good yet creative ideas within thousands of ideas, because this company involves a large number of people from different disciplines and different background. Other challenges are, in order to arise with well creative organization, the team have to work together and create supporting environment which encourage them to supporting and respect one and another when discussing and giving feedbacks to one and another. Furthermore, they should change the mindset that having good and talented people are important to give good ideas to create creativity.
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This technique has benefits such as, people will get inspired to give their best creative ideas when see their peers share the work progress. Second, the director could give direction, feedback, and comment at the same time, therefore, the team could work on the right track and there are no wasted efforts. Third, people could take lessons and inspirations from other people and lastly, the entire team know the progress of each team. However, Pixar use another three practices to encourage a creative culture. The first one is among the team, they have the freedom to communicate to other people inside the team or outside the team without asking for permission from their leaders. Second, the leaders are motivate the team to share their ideas without judge their ideas at the first place, therefore, the team could feel safe to share their ideas. This done by the dailies and the incubation stage in order to receiving their ideas without judging, then eliminating the unfeasible ideas. Third, Pixar have encourage technical artists to share their research and participate in industries, as well as stay close to the academic community. It is possible to attract other talented people outside the company to work together and keep updated in terms of the technology and the environment outside the…show more content…
At the end, the rest of team could take lessons and inspiration from the main team to think outside the box and making drama which related to audience’s life, in order to give the excitement of the story. Other companies couldn’t replicate Pixar because they have different culture and resources inside the company. Pixar also have creative environment which they have the trust among peers to work

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