Creative Curriculum Analysis

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Creative Curriculum 1. Select and identify TWO concepts presented in the video you find significant as an early educator and explain why you selected these concepts (7 descriptive/detailed sentences) In the Creative Curriculum video, I noticed the schedule they kept was far more regimented then the other types of preschools. The planning and preparation the teachers put into their classrooms lesson plans were well thought out and specific. Every moment of the day seems to be planned and each activity is designed with a specific purpose in mind. I believe this type of well-organized schedule helps the children to know what is expected of them. Also, the hands on approach between the students and the teacher allows for individualized learning for the children. Finally, I found their purposely using open ended questions to encourage the children into thinking for themselves during the Choice Time to be an excellent teaching method. 2. Provide a descriptive personal or professional observation that is similar to the concept you selected from the video (use initials in place of a child’s name). Explain how the concept…show more content…
I believe that a child’s development during the early preschool years depends on their knowing what is expected of them and understanding what comes next. Keeping to this schedule helps not only the children but the adult as well. Keeping on task assists in decreasing unproductive down time while the grown up in charge scrambles for an idea of what to do. Additionally, I believe it is important to reevaluate the schedule from time to time in order to change what might not be working or to include different areas of interest or opportunities to learn. For example, an outdoor outing during the winter months is an excellent idea but would not work as well during the hot
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