Creative Curriculum

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Throughout this course we learnt and discussed many different philosophies, theories and concepts that we as teacher may use in our classrooms. As a teacher, children depend on us to help them succeed in their learning environment. Teacher’s will not all choose to all teach from the same philosophy or theory approach; whatever we decide to use within the classroom, the main focus should be on the child’s abilities to learn. Children all learn in their own time and in their own way. It is up to the teacher to maximize each child’s individual potential. Theories, the concepts of academic areas to teach, and the state standards for activities all play apart in my decision on the design of my classroom curriculum. The curriculum base that I chose…show more content…
The Creative Curriculum classroom is designed in interest areas that promotor development across the physical, cognitive, and affective domains through assessments. “Assessment in the Creative Curriculum is conceived as an ongoing process of documenting observations and progress available in a fully integrated online platform” (Jaruszewicz, 2013, sec. 2.3). Being that there are 10 areas generally available in the preschool setting that promotes development, it allows children to have freedom to move between areas throughout the day. Social and emotional development plays a big part in school success and is supported as they play and interact with other children and adults (Jaruszewicz, 2013, sec. 1.3). Each of the interest areas will be clearly defined, has the necessary materials displayed, and because the room is so spacious as the teacher I will able to view the different areas simultaneously. “The aim of these resources is to give teachers ways to integrate the "what, why, and how" consistently across the curriculum” (Jaruszewicz, 2013, sec. 2.3). The activities that I will plan for my students, the way I set up the organization of the environment by selecting appropriate toys and materials, and plan a daily schedule will help in my accomplishment for a Creative Curriculum learning space and make the children more successful in the…show more content…
Within Mathematics two specific activities that I will do within my classroom pertain to measuring and comparing/ understand the concept of measurement and demonstrate knowledge of patterns/ identify and describe common geometric objects. I want my student’s to understand that when you have different size containers to measure the same amount of volume it does not change how much water the container holds. What you will do is use two identical glasses with the same amounts of water. One amount will be poured into either a narrower glass or a wider glass. When the water is poured into the other glass does the volume change or stay the same? I will use “Pattern Block Mats” to teach children about shapes and geometry. Pattern blocks come in standard shapes and sizes and children are to follow the diagram of the picture to get the pattern correct. Within Literacy two specific activities that I will do is demonstrate writing skills/ students write words and brief sentences that are legible and demonstrate alphabet knowledge/ recognize and name all uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet. Writing is a fundamental part of learning and should occur daily in the classroom. One strategy that I would use for my students would be printouts of letter formation that contain uppercase and lowercase
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