Social Entrepreneurship And Social Change

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The book that I have read has two parts – social entrepreneurship and social change. It has its concepts and context in real life. There are real life cases and scenarios for the need of social change through entrepreneurship.
Creative Destruction. This idea is simply destroying old ideas to create a new and more innovative one. In a liberated sense, it is the meaning that when there is entrepreneurship, there should be a social change that will happen. The book explained creative destruction is similar to the theory of entrepreneurship. Another terminology that is similar to it is the industrial mutation where opening up new business has its own development within the organization. Creative destruction
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In creative destruction, it is the change within, development and adaptation is the type of change that processes the inside and outside, respectively. It is outside the economic sphere. Development and adaptation are two opposite kind of change. It is in development where one economic change is not forced but has its own arousing creativity. On the other hand, adaptation is described as go with the flow change and has a small amount of growth – mere growth. It is a change that is obligatory to the forces of outside the economic…show more content…
These two are the factors of non-development, according to the book. The other people are the people who are in static. These are the people who respond negatively when one has an idea or has to do something new. The book used the word “deviance” which means that one is separating himself in doing the standard norms or accepted standards. People reacts badly to deviance because they feel threatened because it is outside their comfort zone. It is because they feel safe in their comfort zone and do not want to risk to fail in the future .According to Schumpeter, “what kills entrepreneurship is other people”, which is true, other people do not approve weird and crazy ideas because they thought of it as a waste of time and no success in it. Additional factor of non-development is based on the principle of rational behavior – which is a psychological factor. Having a rational behavior, one person will make a choice (action) based on the best optimal level of results. In this principle, resistance in doing something creative and out of the ordinary is what keeps the non-development in our mindset. In contrast to this is the economic development where one should do something out of the ordinary without knowing what goes beyond the mountains. It is the “Man Of Action”. The “Man of Action” is what the book called as the leader. The leader should be an actor in the economy that is brave and ready to fight the old and the ordinary. They have the initiative,
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