Creative Drama In The Classroom Case Study

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1) Creative Drama in the Classroom According to Annarella (1992), creative drama can help students to create unique thinking skills, inventive creativity, and cognitive thinking skills. Also, it can stimulate the development of oral and written communication skills. The author expresses that if creative drama use in a social context, it can demonstrate the student the way to be empathetic to the needs of others and thus the student should be better able to form a value judgment. Creative drama is a holistic approach to academic learning. In the article, there are some non-threatening exercises and examples about how to use creative drama in the classroom. These non-threatening classroom exercises can provide a genuine feeling of surprise and fun in the classroom and help students to become aware of the use of their imagination. Shortly, it is pretty helpful article to show how to use creative drama effectively in the classroom. Annarella, L. A. (1992). Creative Drama in the Classroom. ERIC Document Reproduction Service ED: 391206. 2) Using Drama Techniques in Language Teaching…show more content…
There are four sorts of dramatization exercises included: language games, pantomime, role playing, and simulations. In general, Gaudart (1990) found that drama techniques worked well for most teachers and class and few techniques work better in specific circumstances than in others. The author states that some variability was found in the success of different activity types with different ability and school groups. The article is concluded that dramatization exercises are useful in motivating students, holding their attention, and stimulating their creativity. However, some teachers find integrating drama activities to be difficult; convincing and training teachers in their use are essential to
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