Mobile Application Theory

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I. Creative Influences Autism is a disability that is can’t be easily seen and that is why people who lack information about this disability often judge them. Individuals with autism has different personalities from one another and there are times that they act different towards other people and these people say that they are misbehaving or they just lack empathy from their families without knowing that the person has autism. Theory of mind refers to the idea that an individual with autism does not clearly understand that other individuals have different views, feelings and reasonings. Furthermore, it appears that they have difficulty understanding other people's beliefs, attitudes, and emotions. Individuals with autism may encounter difficulty…show more content…
The research is aligned with the cognitive theory of multimedia learning where it taks about the multimedia principle which stated that a person tends to gain more knowledge if the information is presented not only with words but with pictures or any kind of graphics as well (Mayer 2005). Creating an extention for education using a mobile application requires this kind of theory because the research intends to know the effectivity of mobile application with regards to learning and awareness. This research also connects to the mind theory because it aims to make a mobile application with information about what is happening in the mind of an autistic individual so that bullying or discrimination towards them could be…show more content…
Conceptual framework for the relationship of the variables to make an effective mobile application about autism.

V. Justification of the Study
This research has no duplicate from other existing and done research. There are a lot of studies with regards to autism but this study focuses on making a mobile application with information about autism with graphics and design. Even though there are some factors similar in some studies, this study is still necessary to be able toknow if the findings of studies in other places are also true.
The outcome of this study might affect the way how the general public view autism and it might gain support for the oraganizations or communities for autism.

VI. Synthesis The mobile application about autism will help maximize and spread the knowledge about this kind of disability and will prevent other people from affecting the lives of autistic individuals negatively. The mobile application will be of great help because several research and studies conclude that the use of mobile device and mobile application is a good mean of education especially to children. This mobile application will also aid the lack of information about autism and will help as a guide to locate the organization or communities that are reaching out to other individuals with
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