Creative Journey Mission Statement

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The Creative Journey Art Resource Program is a program for veterans and the military. It offers ceramics and pottery classes, as well as drawing and painting in multiple mediums. This program operates solely on donations and volunteers who give their time and talents. The mission statement of Creative Journey is “to provide artistic opportunities for our military who are in the Wounded Warrior Transition Unit.” Creative Journey is designed to help the military and veterans who are in the Wounded Warrior Transition Unit at Fort Jackson find peace and solace through art. The participants gain many benefits from this program. Creative Journey provides comfort and therapy to the military. The veterans and military that participate are apart of…show more content…
This program is located in Columbia, South Carolina at the City of Columbia Art Center. With this program, I do not have any personal experiences, but I do have personal experiences with something similar. My experience though wasn’t with an actual program/organization. When I went through training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, we were required to work at Lexington Medical Center Extended Care for a certain amount of time. In this facility, there was an arts and crafts room, a game room, and a piano in the middle of another room. I was able to participate and watch the occupants of the nursing home participate in all three of those activities. The occupants have a range of diseases, but every time they were able to create something or play a game like bingo, smiles lit their faces. One instance that I will always remember was of one person who was under our care. She had a bad case of Alzheimer’s and always had a stoic look, but loved to play the piano. One day, another student rolled her to the piano and immediately she started playing it like a professional and she even had a tiny smile on her face. It goes to show that any artistic opportunity can make a person find
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