Creative Juxtaposition In Advertising

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“Challenge accepted,” is what must have crossed through many ad directors heads when they realized how difficult it has become to seize the attention of a passerby, tv-watcher, or magazine reader. It is the 21st century and like a chameleon, the technology continues to alter. With new apps, being developed and connecting us with each other, it becomes more and more difficult for us to look away from our tiny bright screens. The use of creative juxtaposition in ads these days has raised heads plethora of times. The juxtaposition, in art, is the placement of objects side by side in order to add a unique quality or to give it a new message. These juxtaposed images in an ad do not only catch the attention of a viewer, but they also deliver a powerful message, create illusions, and overall just emphasize the importance of the message. On a hot summer day, a scoop of ice cream as…show more content…
In the final image, a male forehead with folds in its skin is shown. Dangling upside down, like a koala, from one of the folds is a young girl. This tilt-head worthy visual aid, for the Nivea company, screamed the fact that having kids or other worries of the same importance leads to wrinkles, but with a few uses of Nivea cream, those worries will no longer appear on your face. The zoomed in photo of a dad 's forehead and the little girl holding on as tightly as possible may seem odd at first, but then begins to make sense when the message, kids are a major worry leads to deep worry lines, is received. If the image showed a full-figured father with his daughter next to him the same message would not be as efficacious as the current image because the full-figured father 's worry lines would not be advertised and the little girl wouldn 't be seen as a nagging pain for her dad; ergo the message sent by the Nivea cream would have little to no effect at
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