Creative Language In Fashion

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For me fashion represents the ultimate creative language of our individual style and characteristics. Fashion on its own gives us the freedom to define and express ourselves, our bodies and souls the way we feel we want to. I find it fascinating to think about how many different meanings and purposes fashion has in our everyday lives. It both enhances and empowers our key human factors and visions. At the same time, what Im most interested in, is the simple fact that without the role of marketing, its contribution and its cross-functional success, the fashion designer 's ideas might never meet their full potential. The pace of fashion business is constantly changing and moving forward, which is why I chose to apply for this course. To be able to…show more content…
Apart from my academic experiences, I like to engage myself in new, exciting and creative free time activities. I have recently attended the annual fashion week in Vienna, which gave me an insight on how important the marketing and management process is when it comes to live shows and events. This past month I also partnered up with a charity organization in my hometown to organize a small fashion show where young Slovak designers showed their collections. All the proceeds from this event went to disabled children in need. Both of these experiences felt very special and were eye-opening for me. It made me even more certain that the fashion business industry is the right place for me to learn and grow. I believe this personal statement supports my application and demonstrates that i am enthusiastic, disciplined and hard-working student with a key interested in this fashion business course , who would enjoy contributing to all aspects of university

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