Descriptive Essay On Starbucks

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“Let’s go! You’re gonna be late for the bus! Let’s keep it moving people, wake up!” I shout to my three beautiful children as they wake up from a deep, beautifully adventurous sleep. “Do we have to go to school, Mom?” Says my youngest, Oliver. He is only nine years old, but has the imagination and not to mention the skill set of a forty-year-old horror writer. He loves to write, and has since he was about four. He wrote his first novel at the age of eight. I’ll have to admit, it was amazing. “Yes, my little angel, you have to go to school today.” I said pretending to be sad. “Wait, do they have school today?” My husband asks. “Yes, Josh, they have school today. It’s Monday, you big oaf. Ok kiddos, get to the bus stop or you’re gonna…show more content…
Everyone is mean awesome, one professor who I thought would be a douche, is a actually a douche very nice man, and I have cried took a nap about four times today. I need coffee, but and there are not one single a lot of places around here, and their coffee is crap good. One Starbucks is on campus, but and they charge four dollars and fifteen cents for a small large black coffee. I’m screwed set for success. Someone please break me out of this hell-hole. Get me coffee, while you are doing that. God knows I need it. And another thing. My roommate, Patrick, is an asshole a very nice person. When I walked in, he didn’t even looked at me and said “Hello! I am Patrick, your roommate!”. Just sat, back against the wall, staring out into space. This will not be a great four years. But, I still need to join a frat house, get my grades up even though it’s the first day, hopefully get caffeinated sometime this week I need to do get better acquainted with Patrick, I need to do something about my relationship with my professors, and still have time to write my book. What in the actual fuck? Who’s idea was this to make a place for young adults to do even more homework, assigned by the people that belong in the seventh circle of hell highly educated people. Now, what they really deserve, instead of being extremely hated by students, is several kicks directly into the side of the face a high
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