I Am Malala Thesis

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Malala Yousafzai, is an average teenage girl who strived to get her education and fought for the right to get educated. Malala was not only fighting for her education, she also fought for other girls that were deprived of education. However, they did not have the strength and the courage to speak up for their right to be education, Malala was the brave one out of the bunch. She stood up to Taliban,and gone through afflicting times due to her getting shot. Malala was brave and kept fighting, and so she was able to get the education for women and herself. Malala strived to find a solution by aprasing her story, an active voice and logic to create and effective speech and to get her message across.
Malala 's strong emotional language makes the audience and worldwide feel sorrow by on the way they treated Malala and her people. Her life was nothing easy and getting education caused a lot of contradictions, there has been thousand of people being killed by the terrorists and millions have been injured and she is one of them.
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Malala and her father always fought for what they believed in, she is grateful for having parents that respected her freedom of thought and expression for everyone. Her father encouraged her to follow her dreams of speaking out for peace and education and her mother supported both of them in this campaign. Malala implied that the people’s love and encouragement is what gave her energy to continue her fight for education and to make a change for the education of the women, she wanted to educate the society as in all. She accomplished her goals and what makes her such an important person is that she never gave up on advocating for peace and education. Malala Yousafzai, stood up for what she believed in and changed the
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