Creative Story: A Short Story

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Kibum has been seeing them for as long as he could remember. They were mostly harmless, sometimes tripping him up a little, and they offended his eyes with their grotesque forms, but still relatively harmless. They were just…annoying. Those…spirits, that is. “When I grow up…I’ll come for you, Kibummie.” A faceless little boy whispered into another little boy’s ear. “And then we’ll marry and you’ll be my wife.” “But Kibummie is a boy,” the younger little boy retorted. “Then you’ll be my husband,” the slightly taller, darker boy grinned, grabbing onto the other’s hand and leading him to an area in the garden where there were no tall trees. “Can we go for one last ride before you go? I promise to miss you lots if you do,” Kibum pleaded, knowing that he’d miss him anyway. The neighbours were leaving for their family home, taking the older boy with them, and Kibum had cried for days on end after he knew. The faceless boy just gave him a smile and wrapped his little arms around him, and they started to fly. Kibum saw the whole entire neighbourhood from that height, and the playground where he scraped his knee, and the nice old lady’s shop and the fast trains that he had promised to take Kibum on one day when they grew up. Kibum tilted his head back, only to see the warm sun shining in his eyes, a beautiful crooked grin, a pair of magnificent crows’ wings, outstretched and strong, and…and…Minho’s frog face? Kibum could have sworn he woke the entire school with his
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