Creative Writing: Grandma's Home

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KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! Liam rolled face up in his bed, his pillow still wet from his daily tears from the night before. Maybe they are home! He sat up quickly and rushed down the stairs. Maybe they were injured and released from the army! Maybe Liam could finally get out of his grandma’s house! He was tired of not being allowed to have sleepovers and never doing anything fun. “Please,” he whispered as he unlocked the front door, “Please let it be one of my parents.” His smile quickly left his face as he opened the door. It was a Canadian Military Official. Liam quickly stood tall and saluted. “May I speak with Mrs. Vance?” Said the officer in a deep, gravelly voice “Grandma!” shouted Liam “What? Why are you waking me up so early? You kids, always…show more content…
He wouldn’t let them take him, at least, not easily. He silently closed his door behind him and locked it. He moved to the window and opened it, letting a cold breeze blow in. He heard a knock on his door and his grandma’s voice. “Liam you can come out now, we’re done talking.” Liam said nothing as he popped his screen out of place and climbed out of the window. Shivering, Liam stepped out onto the roof and looked around the neighborhood that he may never see again. “Liam!” he heard his grandma shout, “Come out!” Ignoring her, he climbed down off the roof. As soon as his feet hit the ground he started sprinting. He soon heard footsteps behind him, before being tackled into the grass next to the sidewalk. He was lifted off his feet and carried to a military van. He was roughly shoved inside as the Lieutenant stepped in behind him. He barely had time to get into a seat before the van began moving. It was a large van, with seats along the sides. He guessed it could hold almost 20 people. It seemed empty with only him and the Lieutenant. “Listen kid,” said the Lieutenant, “That behavior stops now. I’m the nicest guy you’re gonna talk to for a long time. There’s a reason my job is to collect kids and tell their parents they got…show more content…
Soon the courtyard was full of boys. “Single file! Load up!” said the Lieutenant as he stepped into the bus. It appeared to be an old school bus. It must have been converted into a military vehicle at the beginning of the war. Liam was forced to the back of the bus, where he was cramped between a window and one of the older boys. They rode silently as Liam tried to figure out a way to escape. If he was caught he would be killed, and he knew there was no way he could outrun the Lieutenant or any of the older boys, who would surely be rewarded for catching a runaway. The idea abandoned his mind. After nearly 13 hours, the bus stopped outside the military base in Kansas City. The kids quickly got off the bus and lined up. “Salute!” The kids quickly saluted. “Better…” said the Lieutenant. “Alright, listen,” said the Lieutenant, “Welcome to CTC Plainsland. This is your home for the next two years. You will train here, you will suffer here, and you will become soldiers here. Follow

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