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One of the many jobs that a person can get without going to college is a writer. Two in three writers are self employed and some writers are self taught. Writers can work anywhere, whether it is at home or at an office. This is a job where a person can express themselves. In order to understand what a writer does, it is important to look at the job requirements, education, and the job demand as well as my goals.
A writer 's job can vary from poetry to T.V. shows. Their job is never done. They can create fantastic worlds through their plots and characters in novels and short stories. Writers develop both fiction and nonfiction ideas for plays and other works (Hopke 1). They also persuade the general public buy what they are advertising. Some authors sell their right to book clubs, movie producers, or paperback publishers (“Creative Writer” 1). Authors or any other kind of writer sell their work through agents and many publishing houses will only work with writers through agents. Writers need to make sure that all of their manuscript detail are accurate, and that the style is consistent throughout the text. According to Occupational Guidance, “Good writers study the publishing markets carefully to determine how they should promote their work” (“Creative Writer” 1). There are also some important qualities that a writer might have, such as adaptability. If they are not able to adapt to the kind of writing the general public wants, they will not have a career. The other important
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