Enchantress: A Short Story

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When I was 13 years old, I accidentally stumbled upon a cave while playing in the woods. I found a really weird vase ,but when I picked it up something glowing flew out of it. The next day I realised something was off, my hair was slowly fading to the deepest black you could imagine, my nails also grew a few centimeters. As I aged, I did some research, and found that the cave was enchanted. I didn’t bother telling anyone, because I knew no one would believe me. Now, 15 years of age, I live alone in a small cabin I built, afraid to go out in the daylight, i’m afraid people would fear me, but that is the last thing I want, people to fear me. I only go out at night, so I wont be seen. One day, I went out two hours earlier than my usual schedule,…show more content…
Literally.” “I don’t even know your name” Blake said. “My name?.. Its uuu.. My name is Enchantress.” “ Enchantress.. Seriously.” “ Yes, and if you want to want to make fun then I will send you on your way... ALONE!” “Enchantress, what a wonderful name.” “Yes, but you can call me Jane, my actual name. Blake wasn’t bad company, it actually felt good to have someone to talk to for once, but I knew he couldn't stay, it was to dangerous. “I have a question Jane, why don you don't ever go to town?” Blake sounded a little nervous, but I didn’t point it out. “I’m afraid people would fear me, seeing a teenage girl with deep black hair and ragged clothes. I was made fun of as a kid, just think of what would happen if everyone saw me like...this.” “I have an older sister, you look like her size. I can go home, get you some clothes and a brush. Once you clean up you and I will go to town. If you are seen with me, no one will bother you..I promise.” “Blake you don't have to do that for can just go home” Blake is a sweet guy and just wants to do what he thinks is best. “There is no way I am taking no for an answer. I will be back by noon.” Later That
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