A Short Narrative Fiction

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¨Nate, get out of here!¨, my father yelled at me just before I saw a huge chunk of flesh missing from his chest. He was dead before he hit the ground. “No!!!”, I screamed furiously. Then there was a whizzing sound. 3 years earlier. I woke up just as I heard the downstairs floorboards creaking. I was sleepy and I was wondering if I imagined it. I hopped out of bed and went into the kitchen. ¨Mom, did you hear that creaking sound?¨, I asked my mom. “Umh, well Nate ...”, then she stopped. ¨I 'm sorry Nate.. I 'm leaving because I have to head to war¨, my father said as he came out of the shadows. ¨But why, Father, why?¨, I asked. ¨Because I must, Nate¨, he replied. ¨I will miss you when I’m away, but remember, I 'll always be here.¨, he…show more content…
“Hey Lydia, I think I have a fish on my hook”, I said as my line started to get taunt. “Reel it in, Reel it in!”, Lydia shouted. “Awh, dangit”, I shouted as I pulled my line out. The bait was missing from my pole. Lydia handed me another piece of bait, ”Here, use this and try fishing again.”, she said. I did and I did catch a fish that time. The next day while I was milking the cows, Mother came into the barn and exclaimed, ¨Nate, Nate, we got a letter from father!¨ We read the letter and found out that life in the camp was hard because they were on rations right now, and there was little water to go around. ¨Can we write a letter back?¨, I asked. ¨Sure, why not?¨, she replied. So we got a piece of stationery paper and we wrote out what was happening on the farm, how the milking season was good, and how the chickens were laying lots of eggs, and so on and so forth. Then we mailed it. ¨Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock¨, came the sound on the front door. ¨Who is it?¨, I asked. ¨Who do you think, Nate¨, my Father replied. I threw open the door and ran into the embrace of my father. We hugged for a while, then I called Mother in and she embraced father too. ¨So, why are you home so early, not to be sad that your home though.¨, I
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